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International Home Builder

One World Builders is a Luxury Home Builder that has been building Internationally for years. A company that has a fast growing International reputation for building Luxury Custom Homes with excellence in quality and craftsmanship, and the ability to build in any place or situation no matter how remote or difficult a location.

American Builder

When you desire to build abroad, or in a remote location it can be difficult to find a Luxury home builder that will create the home that you want or that has the ability to engineer, design, and carry the project from start to finish. The design characteristics of different countries and regions have evolved from its climate, topography, ancient religious buildings and people’s lifestyles and cultures. What we have come to recognize as a region’s ‘style’ is a product of its vernacular building materials. We have come to love and appreciate these beautiful styles while as American Builders, building with the same quality and codes, technologies, amenities, comforts, as in the USA.

Exotic Places

We can build it, in just about any place on earth, from the Andes Mountains, to Desert lands, from Caribbean Islands to tropical rain forest, to Busy city subdivisions, we have done it. If you desire to build abroad, or in a remote location, we have the experience extensive knowledge, forethought of design, and the right engineers and architects to undertake such a project.

Luxury Home Builder

It is crucial, when you want to build your Dream Home, to have the right builder. Corey J. Schoenaur is a Luxury Home Builder with One World Builders. That is personal, professional, and premier in his industry. Corey comes from a long line of construction in his family, having founded Patagonia Homes, Idaho-home, Milestone Builders and Developers and One World Builders. As an American Builder he has been designing and building Custom Built Homes throughout the United States for over fifteen years. International Building projects have lead him to South America, central America, Caribbean, North America, Asia and Europe.
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